The handrail motion and contact roller creates energy to the internal generator.

• Kills 99.9% viruses & bacteria, including COVID 19

• Continuous sterilization during operation

• Indicator light tells passengers “disinfecting”

Let's your customers know you care

• Self-powered, no electricity required

• Fits all escalators, easy to install**

• 10,000+ hours life UVC LED light

Will you be touching handrails?

**Consult your local or state escalator regulatory agency for compliance.

The generator powers the UV-C germicidal LED's and operation indicator.

The unit is mounted to the balustrade, either glass or stainless steel, using super strong 3M adhesive.

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Your customers deserve a clean facility and that includes escalators made safe with the use of our UV Handrail Sterilizer.  UV-C ultraviolet light is a long proven method of disinfection to kill bacteria and viruses, now your escalator handrails can use this technology.

Spring tension keeps the contact roller touching the handrail.

How does the UV-C Sterilizer work?


UV-C Handrail Sterilizer 



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How do you know they are safe?