The REN™ escalator cleaning system is covered by U.S. patents 8,337,625 and 9,878,351 and various international patent applications.    REN™ takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and will pursue any and all violations aggressively and to the fullest extent of the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't know what escalator you have or what pad to use?

       Stop the escalator and measure 12 inches of tread

       Count the ridges within that 12 iches of tread

       If you counted 34 ridges = use a V pad

       If you counted 36 ridges = use a W pad

What if the brush guards get in the way of the device?

If the brush guards are mounted too low and too close to the treads you may need to use a smaller device so as to avoid the brush guards altogether and not interfere with the escalators operation.

If the brush guards are mounted too close to the combs, but still allow enough clearance for the device, you may be able to place the device in an angle and allow it to travel towards the combs, align and square against the combs and drop into the tread grooves.

Can I reuse the cleaning pads?

Yes. Carefully rinse off pads avoiding damage to ridges, allow to dry and reuse.

How do I know if the pads are loaded with dirt and need to be replaced?

REN recommends approximately 3 minutes per cleaning cycle per pad. However this may be affected by the accumulation and type of dirt the pad is loaded with. A visual inspection of the pad is recommended to determine the pads condition.

How often should I clean our escalator?

REN recommends daily cleaning for heavily trafficked escalators, weekly for moderate. The level of traffic, type of dirt accumulated; spilled drinks, dust, mud, salt, food and grease buildup from the escalators mechanics beneath will determine your requirements.

The most accurate way to define how often an escalator should be cleaned, is to match that of its neighboring flooring areas.  If the carpet or flooring leading up to an escalator are cleaned daily, then the same frequency should be applied to the escalator.

Can I get printed instructions?

Yes. Click the button to generate a .pdf file for you to print.