The REN™ escalator cleaning system is covered by pending U.S. and/or international patent applications. REN™ takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and will pursue any and all violations aggressively and to the fullest extent of the law.

Instructions for use:


Safely block all passenger traffic from escalator before starting cleaning procedure

1)     Mount the REN cleaning pad with the white side to the back of the Pad Holder.

2)     Fill saturation tub to the white fill line or use specified amount of diluted CS-17 TREAD CLEAN, place the REN pad into the tub and         

        compress firmly with pumping action until the pad is saturated.

3)     Center the REN pad with the oncoming escalator treads, place the REN pad on escalator and apply moderate downward pressure to aid           in the cleaning cycle, making sure to keep the REN pad flat, not tilted forward.


Safety Tips:

1)     Never stand or step on the device

2)     Keep hands, loose items, clothing, hair & jewelry away from device during operation.

3)     Make sure escalator is completely dry before allowing passengers back on 

4)     Always use the handle to place and remove the device from the escalator

TREAD CLEAN & Dilution Recommendations:

REN™ developed TREAD CLEAN solution for use with Cleaning Pads to achieve maximum results for both restorative, deep cleaning and daily maintenance use.   10:1 dilution ratio is recommended for Maintenance and Emergency spill resolution.

Recommended cleaning solution amount by pad size:


For a 24” pad  -- use 16-oz of diluted CS-17 TREAD CLEAN

For a 32” pad  -- use 20-oz of diluted CS-17 TREAD CLEAN

For a 40” pad  -- use 24-oz of diluted CS-17 TREAD CLEAN


Tips for more effective cleaning:  

1)     Perform a restorative cleaning to get your escalator up to your facilities standards

2)     Schedule regular maintenance cleanings and keep your escalators clean and safe

3)     Have your staff trained and a procedure documented for emergency spill deployment